Places to visit aroud Rhodes island


The Medieval Town of Rhodes

The Medieval Town. The visitor should not be misled by the term “Medieval Town” into thinking that what he will see is a ruined and deserted city, such as Mystras in the Southern Peloponnese.
The Old Town of Rhodes is a bustling neighborhood of some 6,000 people, who live and work in the same buildings in which the Knights of St. John lived six centuries ago; as a living monument to the past it must be nearly unique in Europe, if not the world.
Even the visitor whose stay in Rhodes is for no more than a few hours should not neglect to walk around it.


Butterfly Valley – Petaloudes. Petaloudes is the name of a valley on the Greek island of Rhodes. In the months of June, July and August many butterflies linger in Petaoudes. Petalouda means butterfly. A special butterfly species lives in this beautiful valley; the “Jersey Tiger Moth” (Euplagia quadripunctaria rhodosensis).

The butterflies are attracted to the vanilla-like scent given off by the Oriental Sweetgum trees in this area. These trees in Petaloudes Valley have a resin that attracts the moths and creates a unique biotope.

The Butterfly Valley is a lovely area with streams, waterfalls and bridges. The Butterfly Valley is also worth visiting outside the butterfly season, when it is less crowded and nature is still very impressive. It is a fantastic stroll through the shady valley.
There are a lot of stairs, bridges, rocks and tree stumps, so we advise that you wear sturdy shoes. In high season (July and August) come as early as possible to visit the valley, to avoid the crowds and the heat.


Here you will find entertainments to fit any taste, that’s why so many travelers prefer to relax in Faliraki.
Shopping fans will find here a huge selection of boutiques and shops where they will be able to buy souvenirs and handicrafts.
Picturesque beaches are well equipped for water sports, so fans of underwater hunting, scuba diving and surfing will find much interesting here. In addition to beach activities, tourists are offered to enjoy tennis, volleyball or basketball, as well as workouts in gym in one of modern sports facilities.

On the daytime the settlement is perfectly suited for hiking. It is rather quiet and deserted here as the majority of tourists prefer to have rest on amazing beaches of this place.

Faliraki carefully cherishes its ancient monuments. The building of many of them took place in the 18 – 19 centuries. Among the attractions of this place we should definitely mention Church of St. Nektarios – one of the largest buildings of the village. Central Waterfront is one of the most picturesque districts in the town. Here you will find all sorts of restaurants, bars and cafes.
Close to us there are two monasteries, one is St. Ammos and the other is Prophet Helias – both worth visiting.Our home town Faliraki has abundant number of restaurants, bars, tourists shops, supermarkets, clubs with music, a Luna Park and also the biggest Water Park is southeastern Europe.


Lindos combines relaxation and intense life in the summer months. And also the journey into the past with the natural beauty and wonderful beaches. Lindos is one of the most popular destinations on the island, because as already said, it combines the natural landscape with monuments from antiquity and the Middle Ages in a traditional village.
he Acropolis of Lindos (offers one of the most beautiful sights of the sea) is classified as a monument, like the old town of Rodos, and as a result receives thousands of visitors each year. Acropolis is a hill accessible by foot or by donkey. Lindos village has its own unique character with the white houses beneath the acropolis. But the attention of any visitor is being caught by the famous mansions, their date of construction being engraved in their front doors.
Some of these beautiful houses have been converted to luxury apartments, restaurants and cafes. Those mansions belonged to the captains of the 17th-18th century.